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I am a paper girl writing inconsequential things in a notebook,
promising change to the Gods of the page.

Nothing really matters.

So.. I'm Back.

I kind of swore to myself I'd keep a daily journal of some sort.
Was doing in an actual diary for awhile, but I've kinda stopped.
I can't be bothered going and finding it, so, here I am!

Todayyy after school Mum and I went to the shops.
We bought these beautiful fairly large stuffed toys.
I got Frederick Fergus the Frog, called Ferg for short, and Mum got Gerard (previously Gareth and Jerry) the Giraffe.
At $10 we couldn't help it.

School is school.
I'm surprisingly passing everything, even if only just.

I've started reading John Green's Paper Towns in the last few days.
I quite like it so far, hoping to finish it over the holidays... while studying.
I'm going to spend most of my holidays studying.
Can you hear the joy in my voice?

Bought a Harry Potter book and bag today... yeah I think I need help.
At least it's not Twilight.
Dom has been reading Twilight, we've been having fun discussions about it.
And also about how if the Mirtal Instruments become movies, my heart may break.

I should be asleep. Or studying. Or both.

Lately I've really gotten back into 29 Shadows of September.
I have no idea why though.
I kinda miss them, but I'm interested in Clay's new stuff.
And I found out another band that added me is Kris' new band.
Should be great.

My life is so incredibly boring.
Why do I feel the need to document it on various social networking facilities?
Dailybooth; Twitter; Facebook; Myspace; Livejournal.

I think I know what I want to do at Uni.
The course I really want to do isn't available to me though.
So I'm thinking Journalism at Murdoch.
I could do different degrees in written, film and radio journalism at say, Curtin, or all in one at Murdoch.
It seems like the better option, especially considering their contacts within the media.

But I'm worried a Journalism degree won't get me anyway.
A Bachelor of Arts will probably leave me working at Maccas or something.

But I'm applying to volunteer at a local radio station, so hopefully that might go somewhere?
If I did the Journalism, it'd really help with that.

I don't really expect you to read all this; I'm just organising my thoughts I guess.

A car just screeched outside. It would have left tire marks, I wonder which street it was on?

I don't know what I'm doing here.

So I've kinda stopped using this.
Instead I'm using an actual written diary.

But, I'm going to update today, because I'm comfortable and slack for effort to get up and get my diary :D

I've decided to cut junk food out of my diet as much as possible.
Also trying to cut processed foods.
No more crisps for me!
No more chips after school >.<
I'm also cutting milo.

Instead of milo i've switched to flavoured tea's.
Predominantly Strawberry and Mango. With 3 sugars. I think I have a sweet tooth.

I'm really missing junk food.
The constant KFC and HJ's ads are not helping.

. . .



Earthquake in WA.


As horrible as that is, at least I can say 'It must be something in the water'


I read this before school today.
2months in a morgue, I don't think her soul will rest where ever you put it!
I Can't Fucking Cope.

Russia In Revolution:
Pgs 75-81
Pgs 120-140
Propaganda Poster
Lenin Essay

Human Bio.
The basillion sheets we were given Friday
Chps 23-16
Prepare for in-class assignment for next friday
Prepare for major test next monday

Task 1 - 300 word report on Big Brother
Task 2 - Make my music video

i'm not even sure...
our teacher was rushed to hospital at some point in the past few days
and we weren't left any work :/
(From Dom)

The new task, haven't really looked at it.
There is nothing left.

Mar. 4th, 2009

I wish I could make my room mine.
I should be doing homework right now.
However I have so much I feel I'm drowning, and I have no idea where I should start.

My desk and my room need an epic cleanup.

I've lost 4 rechargable betteries =/

I want to make Vlogs, but nobody would watch them anyway.

Oh and my sleeping is so fucked, not even night Dimetapp pills can knock me out =[